What to Expect

Prior to inspection, we will provide you with a pre-inspection checklist.  The items on the list (see below) are meant to ensure the safety of the dog and accuracy of the inspection.  Before we bring Arbus in, we will review the checklist with you and sweep the area to look for safety issues and obstacles to inspection. 

If the premises are ready for inspection, we will guide Arbus through all of the areas to be inspected.  Your results will be recorded and immediately provided to you.  Following inspection, we will talk with you about remediation or continued prevention.  We will answer any questions you have. Socialization with Arbus should wait until inspection is complete so he can devote his focus to his work.  

Your inspection results belong to you.  We never disclose client names or results, unless we are specifically instructed to do so by the client.  

How to Prepare

Below is the pre-inspection checklist.  The preparation protocol is of the utmost importance for the safety of the dog and accuracy of the inspection.  If the checklist is not complete, we may not proceed with inspection of some or all of the areas.  Please prepare for your visit by completing the items below.  If you have any questions about preparation, please let us know. 

  1. Rid inspection areas of clutter.
  2. Vacuum all rugs and floors. Do not use carpet deodorizers. 
  3. Remove pet food, human food, water and all toys from accessible areas.
  4. Minimize noise and human distraction to create the most effective search environment for the dog.
  5. Turn off air conditioners/heaters/ceiling fans thirty (30) minutes prior to our arrival.
  6. Do not use any type of household cleaner or disinfectants for at least three (3) hours prior to inspections
  7. Extinguish all smoking materials in the space to be inspected three (3) hours prior to inspection.
  8. Remove all pets from the space to be inspected three (3) hours prior to inspection. Cover all birdcages and fish tanks.
  9. Discontinue the use of indoor products used to conceal odor, such as plug ins, air fresheners, candles, incense, etc. for one (1) day prior to inspection.
  10. Do not socialize with Arbus until after the inspection is completed.
  11. For the health and safety of our dog and the accuracy of the inspection, no inspection can take place within 30 days of any chemical treatment.  We will ask for a signature certifying the same prior to inspection.