Bed bugs are excellent at hiding and won't cause an allergic reaction in many people.  They often go undetected as they establish themselves in your space.  Calling in the hounds early (and often for high risk locations) will give you peace of mind and mitigate unnecessary disruption and expense. 

Bed bug dogs can pinpoint the exact location of an infestation, eliminating the need to expend funds to treat uninfested areas.  Proactive canine inspection helps to limit the scope of infestation, interruption to business operations, and risk of litigation and harm to reputation.  


Canine detection is fast.  Arbus will immediately alert to the presence of odor from live bed bugs or viable eggs. 

Scent dogs do not need to see bed bugs to know they are there.  Accurate inspection is accomplished with no disruption to your home, business, or belongings. 

According to research conducted by the University of Florida, bed bug dogs certified by the NESDCA are 97% accurate. By comparison, human visual inspection is estimated to be only 30%-40% accurate.  While human inspectors can not be sure whether certain visual indicators remain from a resolved infestation, scent detection dogs will only alert to the presence of odor from live bed bugs or viable eggs.   


Our vehicles and clothing are free of business emblems.  Arbus is petite and travels in a discrete carrier styled as a gym bag.  We value our clients and their privacy.  Our client names and results are strictly confidential.   

Canines help you go green by alerting to the exact location of an infestation and limiting the unnecessary use of chemicals.